System Requirements

Software Requirements

Internet Explorer version 8.0 or later is required to edit, view and validate fixtures. Validation and view-only access is also available using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera browsers. Desktop resolution of 1024*768 with a color depth of 16 bit color. Pdf-viewer software such as the free Adobe Reader. This is needed to view the pdf documents generated in the Chinsay Recap Manager.

Pop-up Blockers

Any pop-up blockers must be disabled for the Chinsay Recap Manager system, both for Internet Explorer and for search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.

Hardware Requirements

Firewall considerations

The Recap Manager Service communicates via the HTTPS protocol over port 443. Any proxy servers used to filter HTTP packet streams will not be able to read HTTPS packet streams as the data is encrypted and will not be able to perform any function. It is therefore Chinsay's recommendation that the client be allowed to communicate directly with the firewall via the HTTPS port.

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